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A Few of Our Clients & Partners

Here’s what our clients say

Atomwise Abraham Heifets, CEO, Atomwise Inc.
"QLS represents the best kind of partner: one that gives concrete actionable insights from carefully-curated empirical data, fed into thoughtful theoretical analyses, by thorough responsive insightful and amiable experts."
Healx Tim Guilliams, CEO, Healx Ltd. "Developing new treatments is hard. You have to partner with the very best to increase your probability of success. We have been blown away by our partnership with QLS and their work-ethic at every step of the way. An exceptional team to work with." Sumitovant Dan Rothman, CIO, Sumitovant Biopharma "The team at QLS was an ideal partner as we sought to improve our understanding of Sumitovant's product portfolio. Yes, their team delivered insightful conclusions for our executives. However, we found even more value in their collaborative development of a decision framework which we will utilize well past our initial engagement." MDIC Liliana Rincon Gonzalez, Clinical Science Program Director, Medical Device Innovation Consortium "What I appreciated most about working with QLS was their flexibility and ability to work with multiple stakeholders. We are a small non-profit that brings together different stakeholders from the medical device industry, patients, and regulators. QLS has been a team player from the beginning and has been able to deliver successfully to the working group expectations."


BIO, QLS Advisors, and Informa Pharma Intelligence have released a new report on clinical development success rates covering 2011-2020

The report includes comparisons of success rates across indications and modalities, regulatory factors, and predictive factors driving successes and failures in drug development. This new data will help shape risk profiles and valuation metrics across investment and...

Informa Pharma Intelligence and QLS Advisors Partner to Pilot Predictive Analysis Tool for Clinical Trials

Partnership will help inform key decisions with new drug-level probability of approval scores powered by QLS and incorporated into Informa Pharma Intelligence’s Biomedtracker

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